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Organic and Sustainable Agriculture


"The poor of the world will be well fed only when people individually and collectively, in villages and communities around the world, are assured an opportunity to produce enough food for themselves and their neighbors. Most poor people could grow food organically and have an economic incentive to do so, if they knew how. Organic farming depends on knowledge and a willingness to work, not on expensive equipment and purchased inputs. The hungry of the world will be well fed, only when we give those who are willing to work and learn the opportunity to grow food organically.
Growing markets for organic foods reflect a growing awareness that the current industrial model of agriculture is not ecologically sound, socially responsible, or economically viable. It is simply not sustainable. Long run global food security depends on an agriculture that uses solar energy to regenerate and renew the productivity of the land and the people who farm it – on organic agriculture. Organic agriculture can feed the world, and in fact in the future, must feed the world


Dr. John Ikerd, Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics

University of Missouri Columbia

College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources


SpiderWebWorks LLC is a proud supporter of organic and sustainable agriculture and the farmers who believe in preserving our soil for future generations.We offer reasonable rates,  personalized service and an understanding of what the organic business owner needs to succeed. We have designed sites for farmers, consultants, certifiers and the Missouri  Organic Association


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